Sirens together can create oceans of change

Origin Story

My mom and I’s favorite mother-daughter activity is walking, specifically beach walks. As you can imagine, living in a house on a lake, paired with visiting my parents at their house on Hilton Head Island, has lead to me owning a  lot of bathing suits. And yet, even after owning 50+ suits, I still couldn’t find one that fit correctly. I always felt like my bottoms were riding up my butt or my top was digging into me or, if I bought a bigger size, that the straps were going to slide and my boobs were bound to pop out. On one particular beach walk with my mom, I mentioned how I’d always thought about starting my own swimwear line. My mom’s response: “so why not do it?” And so, Siren Swim Co was born.

As I immersed myself in the swim side of the fashion industry, it became apparent to me that my brand needs to focus on more than just fit. I needed my company to have ethics at its core. I wanted to create an inclusive and diverse brand. I wanted to be proud of my pieces and to know they were made sustainably and in an ethical fashion. So that’s what I set out to do; I bring you Siren Swim Co, upcycled swim wear for all. I hope you love it as much as I do.


Behind the name

In today's day and age, Sirens have become synonymous with mermaids, but Sirens tend to carry a darker connotation. 

Originally, Sirens were described as being a combination of woman and bird; they attracted sailors with their gift for singing in order to kill them. In the meantime, mermaids were depicted as beautiful women who were peace-loving, but attempted to stay away from humans. At some point the myths of mermaids and sirens crossed paths and their characteristics became mixed. 

Sirens symbolize temptation and desire, which can lead to destruction and risk, and this is how Siren Swim Co ended up with its name. As can be seen, humans have given into the temptation and desire to build bigger and better things, and our lifestyles have begun to lead to the destruction of our oceans as well as put our marine life at risk. Here at Siren Swim, we choose to believe that Sirens were trying to protect our oceans from man. So now in 2022, we want you to view Sirens in a positive light and join us, because Sirens together can create oceans of change.


Our Philosophy

Siren Swim Co's mission is to provide people with swimwear that makes them feel like their best selves, while also helping to preserve and better our environment.

And just as importantly, practice ethical and responsible business practices as well as make sure we support other companies & organizations that share our same views, whether this is by who we choose to work with or what charity organizations we partner with.


Two men and three women wearing sirenswimco swimsuits and trunks. First men on the left is wearing a blue timmy trunk, beside him is a woman wearing a one piece angela colored light pink, beside her a woman wearing laura black two-piece, beside her is another woman wearing an army colored angela suit, and lastly on the right is a guy wearing a tribal printed blue shane trunks.